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Chapter 287 Care Too Much

  • After hearing what the woman said, Yang Chen had a grim expression as he drew a deep breath. The man knew Bedrock Island as well but not as much as the local citizen. Since the woman said that, it seemed that the chances of Han Jingru going against the Lu family was truly slim.
  • However, Yang Chen's hunch told him that he should stay. Otherwise, he might miss a great opportunity.
  • "Do you really think I should go?" Yang Chen asked.
  • "Isn't that obvious? What is there to hesitate about?" The woman said determinedly. After that, she looked at Yang Chen curiously and asked, "Why are you so reluctant to leave? Are you planning to get his favor or something?"
  • Yang Chen shook his head. The man had never thought about things like that. However, he felt that this is a good opportunity for him to get some friendship with Han Jingru. If he could end up being an underling of Han Jingru and work for him, his life might just have a tremendous change.
  • "Do you really think I like photography so much? I simply don't have better option. If there is a better way, why should I give it up?" Yang Chen said.
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