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Chapter 28 Slander

  • “Huiqi, what nonsense are you saying!?”
  • “Grandma is here, you better watch your mouth!”
  • “Exactly, you should watch what you say!”
  • Although the rest of the family members did not have any likings towards Su Yimo, they knew how much the grandmother cared about their family reputation. It was okay for them to bully Su Yimo but another thing to slander her like that.
  • Su Huiqi knew the grandmother’s attitude towards something like this. She would never dare to joke about things like this. However, Su Huiqi thought that she had evidence and Su Yimo had definitely fell in Cheng Gang’s hand. There was no problem in speaking the truth, right?
  • “Why are you guys so anxious? Am I someone that would joke about things like this?” Su Ruijin said indifferently.
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