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Chapter 277 Wedding Gown

  • "What are you doing, this is the men's toilet!" Han Jingru tilted his body away from Qi Pingying and looked at her vigilantly.
  • Qi Pingying had already put the 'Cleaning in Progress' signboard outside the toilet and she wasn't afraid that someone would come into the toilet suddenly. She removed her spectacle and walked towards Han Jingru.
  • "You have been with Su Yimo for so long. Do the two of you had any sexual relationship?" Qi Pingying breathed right by Han Jingru's ear.
  • When Qi Pingying showed that intimacy, Han Jingru's eyebrows lowered in grim. Su Yimo had treated Qi Pingying as her best friend. Yet Qi Pingying was doing something that might sabotage their relationship.
  • "That is our privacy. What does that have to do with you?" Han Jingru asked.
  • Qing Yun suddenly stretched out her hand and caressed Han Jingru's chest. The woman's eyes lit up seductively and she asked, "Don't you have needs too?"
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