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Chapter 272 Kneel

  • Su Yimo was getting more and more nervous and her body tensed up like a rock. Those people were just approaching her and bringing immense pressure to her.
  • When Han Jingru felt Su Yimo's fright, he tightened his grip on Su Yimo's hand and gestured her to relax. But how could Su Yimo do that under such circumstances?
  • After a few minutes, no one from the group step forward to ask Han Jingru to kneel. Those that came to watch the show was getting impatient already. They came to watch that exciting moment. But as the weather got warmer, they weren't willing to wait anymore.
  • "What is happening? Why are they not making Han Jingru to kneel yet?"
  • "How odd, why do they all have such a weird expression?"
  • "Could it be some kind of twist?"
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