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Chapter 270 Not Lying

  • Mansion in the middle hill.
  • It was quiet in the dining table because it was one day left until Jiang Fu's final notice to let Han Jingru kneel in the Public Square. Jiang Yan had already seen the bustling place through her friends' social media updates. Those citizens were willing to go early and reserve a place over the night to watch the show. They really had nothing better to do but that made Jiang Yan anxious.
  • After so many people had gathered, if Han Jingru didn't think of a solution and went to kneel in the Public Square, she would be embarrassed. In the future, she would never have face to join any friend gathering anymore.
  • Ho Ting was worried for Han Jingru as well. After all, Han Jingru had given her a job and even helped Jiang Ying Ying to handle a huge problem. She didn't want to see Han Jingru getting publicly shamed. After all, she had the heart but not the ability to help.
  • How could a small-time maid do anything to help him?
  • "Han Jingru, have you thought of a solution to handle the matter tomorrow? You are not alone now and you represent our family. You are not the only one getting embarrassed." Jiang Yan spoke to Han Jingru in an interrogating tone.
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