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Chapter 27 Trash?

  • Previously, Ling Heng didn’t dare to lay a finger on Cheng Gang. Without Han Jingru’s order and also for Cheng Gang’s background, things would get complicated. Without Han Jingru’s protection, even if Ling Heng could kill Cheng Gang, he was unable to escape death himself.
  • But everything was different now. Han Jingru planned to stir up Yun City and Ling Heng had casted all his fears away. He believed in Han Jingru unconditionally. Although the man was the subject of deride for the entire Yun City, Ling Heng knew that this matrilocal man came from a frightening background.
  • Ling Heng stopped talking. Because it wasn’t his place to speak.
  • When Cheng Gang saw that Ling Heng kept quiet, he thought that he was afraid and the man said smugly, “Ling Heng, now that you know my background, hurry and scram with your men. Do you want me to kick you out?”
  • Han Jingru stood up suddenly and walked towards Cheng Gang.
  • Cheng Gang had seen Han Jingru’s moves earlier and he stepped back instinctively and asked vigilantly, “What are you trying to do?”
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