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Chapter 269 Finding Trouble

  • "Dad, must you make Han Jingru kneel in order to feel better?" Jiang Hai asked.
  • "Of course." Jiang Hai said in the most natural manner," After living to my age, I don't care about anything else but my reputation. Do you know what the others are gossiping behind the Yun city's Go Association? Although I have already quitted the Association, I was being made fun of as well. If I don't avenge myself, I wouldn't be able to die with my eyes closed!"
  • Jiang Hai sighed to himself. He was a filial son and he cared about Jiang Fu's feeling very much. However, things had gotten much more complicated than Jiang Fu had imagined.
  • Jiang Hai didn't want to offend Molan and he didn't want to make him an enemy. After all, if someone like that from the underworld were to target the Jiang family, it would just be a huge headache.
  • "Is there no way out?" Jiang Hai asked.
  • When Jiang Fu heard that, he caught on. Judging from Jiang Hai's attitude, it seemed that the son wanted him to resolve the matter. Jiang Fu had an annoyed expression on his face.
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