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Chapter 268 My Boss

  • Jiang Group
  • After an office internal meeting and when Jiang Hai was about to leave, one of the upper manager said, "Chairman Jiang, Mr. Jiang has brought quite the fame to himself lately. As expected of our company founder!"
  • When Jiang Hai heard that, he simply smiled indifferently, "Not at all. Father might be bored lately and simply want to do something to kill time."
  • "But the Su family had been getting served by Mr. Jiang. That Su Yimo was really pitiable. She worked so hard to be the chairman of the Su company but she offended Mr. Jiang. Isn't that just digging her own grave?" The employee said.
  • "I heard that it was all because to defend that trash, Han Jingru. I really couldn't understand her thought." Another member of the board snickered. Almost everyone from the Yun city heard about it. And since they were in the Jiang company, they knew it better. Now that the ex-chairman was getting serious to bring the Su company down, a lot of people was just excited to see the show.
  • "That man, Han Jingru had really humiliated us men. It is just good for my father to teach him a lesson. As long as he is happy, he can do whatever he wants." Jiang Hai said uncaringly. The Su family was just nothing in his eyes. The moment he heard about the incident, Jiang Hai did not even ask his father. Because he wasn't afraid anything would happened at all. Jiang Fu had his own influence and connections. It was easy for him to bring the Su family down. Even if any accidents were to happen, the son would be able to handle it.
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