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Chapter 259 Jiang Fu

  • The old man was extremely cocky and his declaration had infuriated a lot of the workers. However, none of them dared to say anything. They could easily tell that these group of men are not ordinary people. And the company's employees were simply normal citizen. Who would dare to offend them?
  • When Su Yimo's personal assistant, Zhong Qiu saw that no one was willing to step forward, she had no choice but to do so.
  • "Chairman Su wasn't in Yun city lately. If you have anything to look for her, can't you just wait for her to come back?" Zhong Qiu asked.
  • "Not in Yun city? I think she is just hiding from us. How can she not be here? And who do you think you are? Who gives you the right to talk to me?" The old man leered at Zhong Qiu in disdain.
  • Zhong Qiu wasn't someone with high position in the company and she did not have a high authority as well. However, now that none of the Su family relatives dared to step forward, she had no choice. After all, the employees were still waiting outside the entrance and there were works piling inside.
  • "I am chairman Su's personal assistant." Zhong Qiu said.
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