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Chapter 258 Opportunity

  • Han Jingru leered at Molan in disdain. That man was trying to cheat his money again.
  • "Are you really so poor? Moreover, most of the underground business in Yun city belongs to you now. I think your wallet is just overflowing." Han Jingru said.
  • "No no no, not at all. I am still a long way from you. I don't think I can even match a hair on you." Molan said humbly.
  • "Okay now, if you don't have anything else, go back to your own things. You guys don't have to stay by my side." Han Jingru said.
  • The few men knew that Han Jingru would be informing Su Yimo soon and they shouldn't be the third wheel. All of them left tacitly.
  • Han Jingru took out his phone and checked himself out. When he saw his own look, even he himself couldn't help but laugh. That was just like having a pudding on his head. He looked just like those wealthy man from the eastern countries.
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