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Chapter 251 Scram

  • The spectating crowd was mocking and scorning Han Jingru. The person that gave Han Jingru's identity away felt a huge sense of accomplishment. If it wasn't for him, how could the people realize that Han Jingru was standing there in person.
  • "Han Jingru, you should thank me. If it wasn't for me, you would simply have a famous name. But now, things are different and Yun city will know you soon." That man laughed.
  • Han Jingru had been taking in humiliation since he was twelve. He did not behaved like any other young master from a wealthy family. He was belittled and even scorned at by his own family. Those kind of mockery and ridicule weren't enough to even faze him the slightest.
  • Ever since he married into the Su family, Han Jingru didn't care how others looked at him. He had told Shiyan before that a King would wait for his moment. The man was purposefully concealing himself in order to prepare his path for the future.
  • Now, Han Jingru wasn't aspiring to just replace the Han family. He wanted to find Han Xiuzhi. Even if Han Xiuzhi was dead, he would dig out the enemy of the Han family and find out how they had treated his grandfather. Han Jingru wanted to make them pay.
  • Han Jingru glanced at the members of the Go Association and simply said one word, "Scram."
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