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Chapter 245 Stun

  • Although Shanguan Heibai seemed to be conceding, it was actually his strategy to press on. He knew that even if he were to agree, the rest in the hall wouldn't allow that.
  • With his status in the Go Association and Ouyang Xiujie being his personal disciple, the young man was treated like the rising star in the Go society of the nation. He would even be representing the nation in the future and fight against foreign players. How could they allow Ouyang Xiujie to surrender in a match and let Han Jingru be the champion?
  • "Master Shanguan, how can we let you do that?"
  • "Exactly, we wouldn't allow it. Ouyang Xiujie was the rightful champion. How can we ask him to surrender?"
  • "Han Jingru, if you are not willing to play in the final, just surrender. Even if you were to get the champion, you will not have our acknowledgement."
  • "Nameless youngster, all of us know that you are not the opponent of Ouyang Xiujie. Can you be so shameless to claim the prize?"
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