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Chapter 241 Tail

  • When Chang Lang saw Han Jingru and Qi Pingying got into Wang Mao's car, he frowned. Although Han Jingru and Qi Pingying did not dress well, that Wang Mao was wearing a custom made Tang suit. Chang Lang was a little taken aback. With his family background, he was exposed to the luxury brand of the nation. His father had a similar Tang suit like that as well. It would cost tens of thousands.
  • A person that could wear something like that wouldn't be a nobody.
  • "Chang Lang, don't tell me you have forgotten what you said in the plane." Yao Wei reminded Chang Lang. She didn't recognize the worth of that Tang suit on Wang Mao and for a woman who only knew about foreign brands, all of the local brands were nothing more than trash.
  • "Don't worry, I wouldn't forget what I said. I will definitely give you a good show." Although Chang Lang promised her, the man was careful with Han Jingru's identity after seeing Wang Mao. He simply wanted to act cool in front of Yao Wei.
  • "It is best if that woman has some scratches to her face." Yao Wei said hatefully. It was said that a woman's heart was the deadliest poison. After seeing Qi Pingying's beauty after her spectacles were removed, she felt that she was just dirt in comparison. How could a woman as arrogant as that accept such a feeling? Therefore, the woman wanted to ruin Qi Pingying's looks.
  • Just because of a simple conflict out of the volume from speaking, Yao Wei was thinking of such horrible means of revenge. From that, one could see how horrible she was.
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