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Chapter 24 Soon

  • When the other family members heard Su Ruijin, they looked at him in approval.
  • “As expected of Ruijin, he managed to find out so fast!”
  • “Exactly, in the end we need to depend on Ruijin. If our Su family doesn’t have Ruijin, it is just worrying!”
  • “Yimo, you should learn from Ruijin. Although he wasn’t a part of the West side project, he is investing quite the effort. You should thank him.”
  • The grandmother nodded in approval and said, “Ruijin, you have done well this time.”
  • “Grandma, although I am not the person in charge, I am still your grandson. Su family’s matter is my matter. How can I leave it alone?” When Su Ruijin got a grandmother’s compliment, he answered humbly.
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