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Chapter 226 Cant

  • When Han Jingru heard number twelve saying that, he knew that the man not only know about Terra prison but he seemed to have a lot of knowledge about it. That was just the greatest news to Han Jingru. After all, Han Xiuzhi might just be imprisoned over there. After hearing that from Mole, Han Jingru had been thinking about it day and night. Unfortunately, he didn't know anything about Terra prison and he couldn't plan his next step.
  • But now, number 12 brought him hope!
  • "Number 12, since you know about it, do you have any way to contact the people from Terra prison?" Han Jingru asked nervously.
  • "Mr. Jingru, are you sure you want to send your friend inside? I can guarantee you that he will not be getting out alive." Number 12 replied.
  • "I am sure." Since Han Xiuzhi's life was at stake, Han Jingru would not give a second thought.
  • Number 12 breathed a sigh and said, "I have acquainted with someone from Terra prison. However, I am not sure if I can get hold of him now."
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