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Chapter 223 Bomb Drop

  • In others' eyes, that was the battle of the giants. After all, the conflict was between the 2 giants in Rong City. The Lu family was powerful but the Ning family was a close competition as well.
  • Ning Xingpeng gaving Ning Yu a punch might just be a trick. After punishing his son, he would stand on a higher moral ground to condemn Lu Hongguang.
  • When the spectating crowd saw that tactic, they were just amazed. After all, It should take someone like Ning Xingpeng's wits to come up with such a method.
  • But when they saw Ning Xingpeng walking towards Han Jingru and not Lu Hongguang, they were a little taken aback.
  • Could he be planning to teach the young man a lesson before finding fault with Lu Hongguang?
  • "Ning Xingpeng was truly a strategist and schemer. I just couldn't understand what is going on in his mind!"
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