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Chapter 219 Qing Yun

  • Han Jingru's words made Ning Yu laughed hard, "I had unexpected a country bumpkin like you from outside the city to know me. If that's the case, you should already know what kind of consequences await you, right?"
  • "Before you talk about that, why not you give Ning Xingpeng a call and ask him what kind of consequence awaits me?" Han Jingru said. He came to Rong City to settle the problem for Jiang Ying Ying, and then take a look around. The man didn't want to trouble himself with any trouble and he didn't want to have any conflict with Ning Xingpeng. After all, the man had provided help in Jiang Ying Ying's incident.
  • "Give my dad a call?" Ning Yu sneered, "Who do you think you are? Do you expect my dad to teach someone like you a lesson? Myself is enough."
  • "Master Ning, how can someone like you go to your hands? Why not I help you to beat him up?"
  • "Master Ning, let me do it, I will make sure this kid learns his lesson!"
  • "Allow me allow me, I can handle this kind of trash with just one hand."
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