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Chapter 218 Young Master Ning

  • Han Jingru didn't want to cause trouble and he dragged Qing Yun away.
  • However, Qing Yun was obviously unwilling to let go and the man was still cussing away: Plastic surgery face, liposuction legs and all kinds of insults. Han Jingru could see that the woman was almost puke in blood of anger.
  • "Bro, I had unexpected you to be treating me so good. You are afraid that I got into trouble and that was why you drag me away? Don't worry, the woman like that is just too good with her mouth and she wouldn't be able to do anything." Qing Yun said with a smile.
  • Han Jingru glared at Qing Yun with a cold gaze. Treating him well, if that fellow were to bring him into trouble, Han Jingru wouldn't even blink if he was beaten to death.
  • When Qing Yun felt the cold chill from Han Jingru, he shivered uncontrollably and said, "Bro, if you didn't like my showy style, how about I tone it down a little in the future?"
  • Han Jingru drew a deep breath and said, "Why are you so desperate to follow after me?"
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