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Chapter 217 Swindler

  • "No one in your passenger seat? I happened to be free tonight, why not you treat me for dinner?" The woman said as she threw a wink to Han Jingru.
  • Han Jingru examined her from head to toe and answered, "I am the driver."
  • When the woman heard that, her expression changed immediately. She gritted her teeth and fumed, "Wasted my time. Why didn't you tell me earlier that you are just a stupid driver?"
  • "Should I hang a sign on my neck saying that I am the driver?" Han Jingru chuckled helplessly.
  • However, that woman was no longer interested in him. She simply turned away to leave and couldn't be bothered to say another word.
  • "Sigh~" Han Jingru breathed a sigh. That was the harsh reality of the society. The woman seemed to be an elegant beauty yet her heart was ugly as sin. She was willing to do just anything for money.
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