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Chapter 205 Incite

  • What Su Yimo said made the few underlings of Mr. Long broke into laughter. Even Jiang Wan snickered, "Su Yimo, who do you think you are? Threatening Mr. Long?"
  • Mr. Long squatted down and pinched on Su Yimo's chin as he said, "I think you better listen to what Jiang Wan says. At least, she is the smart one and she knows who she shouldn't offend. Threatening me? Are you sick of living already?"
  • "My husband is Tang Cheng's friend." Su Yimo said.
  • Tang Cheng!
  • When Mr. Long heard that, he felt a shiver down his spine and the man hurriedly release his grip.
  • Tang Cheng's friend's wife? What the bloody heck had he just done?
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