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Chapter 188 Hopeless mud

  • Jiang Wan looked at the picture on the phone and she just got an idea. She showed it to Su Yimo and said proudly, “Check this out, this is the greatest person in Bin County, Tang Cheng. You should have heard of his name, right? Liu Zhijie is his friend.”
  • When Liu Zhijie heard that exaggerated bluff, he blushed in embarrassment. How could someone like him be a friend of Tang Cheng? Jiang Wan could really say anything for the sake of her face.
  • Fortunately, Su Yimo didn’t know Tang Cheng and she wouldn’t get exposed.
  • However, when Su Yimo saw that picture, she didn’t mind Tang Cheng at all. She was stunned to see that back view.
  • Ever since she experienced the episode of the Piano prince, Su Yimo was very familiar with Han Jingru’s back. It could be said that she had etched in her heart. Therefore, when she saw the back view in the picture, she knew it was none other than Han Jingru!
  • When Jiang Wan saw that Su Yimo was absent minded, she thought that she had overwhelmed Yimo and she chuckled, “Actually, even though he might be someone of great stature, he was actually pretty nice. He still treated us for a meal before and he was quite an easy-going person. If there is an opportunity, I might even introduce him to you guys.”
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