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Chapter 181 Stupidity

  • “Why not you give your classmate a call and ask him not to cause trouble for the company?” Su Yimo sat on the couch and she asked Han Jingru suddenly.
  • When Han Jingru heard that, he smiled helplessly and said, “They will not appreciate your good will.”
  • “But there are so many relatives depending on the company. If the company falls, what about their livelihood?” Su Yimo said worriedly.
  • Han Jingru was always agreeable with what Su Yimo said. However, he would not be compromising in this matter. Moreover, he had already instructed Zhong Ji to go to the Su family. How could he take his orders back so easily?
  • “You are just too softhearted. They just want to kick you out of the company and you shouldn’t have that compassion in you.”
  • At that time, the doorbell rang. Han Jingru frowned when he heard that. If it were anyone from the family, they have the keys. Why would they press on the doorbell?
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