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Chapter 171 Despair

  • When Liu Qi heard Han Jingru, he took a few steps back in fright. He hadn’t expected Han Jingru to be so great and he could fight against that many people.
  • Now that he was the only one left, he would just join his men in the floor if he were to step forward.
  • The man wanted to show off in front of Xie Yufu but he wasn’t an idiot. He wouldn’t be able to do something as stupid as stepping forward knowing that he would get beaten up.
  • “Han Jingru, are you acting so cocky because you think that the Su family is backing you up? Do you know who I am?” Liu Qi tried to threaten Han Jingru with his family background. But actually, his family was about the same level as the Su family. However, in just few years’ time when the West side project started to pay back, the Liu family wouldn’t be able to compete with the Su family anymore.
  • “Would you enlighten me who you are?” At that time, the door to the room opened and both Molan and Ling Heng walked inside.
  • When Liu Qi saw the two men, he was completely frightened. He could threaten Han Jingru with his family but he would never dare to do the same before Molan.
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