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Chapter 168 Just Like Her

  • Moments after Shiyan left the mansion, Yan Wan appeared next to her like a spectre.
  • “You didn’t only make him shoulder an unnecessary responsibility, but also gave him a false hope.” Yan Wan’s tone was cold. Although his responsibility was merely protecting the well-being of the Han family and he didn’t have the right to interfere with the family’s internal matters, he just couldn’t agree with what Shiyan did.
  • Giving the picture to Han Jingru meant that the young man needed to investigate the background of the Taoist. That was extremely dangerous for Han Jingru. Not only that, Shiyan gave Han Jingru a reason he could never turn away to. She leveraged on Han Xiuzhi and gave Han Jingru no choice.
  • “The entire family and not even I can make Han Jingru feel compassionate. Han Xiuzhi was the only exception because he was the person he cared for the most. That is my only choice to get him on the boat fully committed.” Shiyan said expressionlessly.
  • “But you shouldn’t be giving him a false hope like this. Han Xiuzhi was a sorrowful pain he could never lied away. Don’t you know how many times he had cried himself to unconsciousness?” Yan Wan gritted his teeth.
  • “Of course I know that. No one could match his relationship with Han Xiuzhi. But you should know that hope is the greatest motivation to anyone.” Shiyan said.
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