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Chapter 164 Humiliation

  • During the day of the family gathering.
  • Han Jingru came early and cleaned himself up. Previously, he was kicked out from the Su family’s mansion after the old Madam’s death. Logically speaking, he shouldn’t have the right to attend the family day. However, now Jiang Yan no longer dares to run her mouth in front of Han Jingru. Therefore, even if she saw that Han Jingru was preparing himself to join the family day, she said nothing.
  • Whenever Jiang Yan recalled Nangong Shuxian hanging on the chandelier, she was still shaking in fear. Although she didn’t think highly of her matrilocal trash, she didn’t dare to belittle him anymore.
  • “Are you going as well?” Su Yimo asked Han Jingru.
  • “I happened to meet Su Ruijin two days ago. Since he invited me, maybe I should join.” Han Jingru answered with a smile.
  • Shiyan would be going today and she would be making Su Huiqi pay back all of the dowry she cosseted. Well, if possible, Han Jingru didn’t want to miss an entertainment drama like that.
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