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Chapter 163 Unpardonable

  • Kong Wu flung Xie Yufu’s hand away and said coldly, “She isn’t my girlfriend and I have nothing to do with this.”
  • When Xie Yufu heard that, her face turned pale. The woman purposefully came up with a chance for Kong Wu to save her and she hadn’t expected him to be so heartless!
  • “Kong Wu, what do you mean by that? I liked you for so long, how can you be so heartless?” Xie Yufu gritted her teeth and said.
  • “Xie Yufu, you better start praying. This man is Mr. Molan’s man. And I advise you to call your dad to handle this. If you are fortunate, your dad will be able to save you. If you are not, you better prepare yourself to pay with your body.” Kong Wu said.
  • Xie Yufu was shocked. That man was a follower of Molan!?
  • The young lady simply wanted to borrow help and she hadn’t expected to offend Molan!
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