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Chapter 162 Trouble

  • “Brother Han, so it is really you! I didn’t get a chance to thank you properly since last time!” The moment Kong Wu saw Han Jingru, he hurried over enthusiastically and even flung away Xie Yufu’s arms.
  • Xie Yufu was confused. If Tian Shuirou treated that trash well, it could be explained that Tian Jingle favored him. But what about Kong Wu? Why did someone as outstanding as Kong Wu needed to rub butter on Han Jingru?
  • So Tian Jingle was indeed the man of influence. Just one word from him and he could make such a huge change.
  • If even Kong Wu acted like that, every person from the same generation would just fawn over that piece of trash already.
  • Xie Yufu was just feeling an irk. How could a trash like that have a change of fate just because of a word from Tian Jingle? Yet she needed to serve by Tian Shuirou’s side so carefully and frightfully. Not only that, she needed to pretend to be her best friend.
  • The young lady had been simmering in frustration towards Tian Shuirou for a long time already. But she never dared to show it.
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