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Chapter 158 Smug

  • Tang Lung’s loud roar made Zhang Tianxing tremble in fear. He hurriedly hid behind Zhang LingHua and didn’t dare to say anything anymore.
  • However, Han Jingru was already clear about what happened. Although Fan Shue was the one that started the incident, Tang Lung was the real mastermind. He was the one that didn’t like Zhang Tianxing and planned to kick Zhang LingHua away with such a vile method.
  • Han Jingru had given him a chance previously but now he abused his authority again.
  • At that time, Zhong Ji came to the company and there was a man that smiled fawningly and following right after him - Su Ruijin.
  • Ever since Su Ruijin became the chairman of the Su family, he started to brainstorm all kinds of possible ways to get closer to Zhong Ji. The West side project meant the livelihood of the Su family, yet it was controlled by Su Yimo. Su Ruijin knew that he mustn’t allow that. Therefore, the man planned to get closer to Zhong Ji and replace Su Yimo eventually.
  • However, due to what happened in the past, Su Ruijin didn’t dare to make the same request. The man indirectly tried everything to win the favor of Zhong Ji.
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