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Chapter 155 Selfish

  • Yan Jing.
  • Right after the news of Han Ying’s death, the Han family sent out another news secretly: Nangong Shuxian got gravely ill suddenly and fell into sudden death. That news was circulating only in the upper-class society but a lot of people were taken aback. After all, the Han family was single-handedly managed by Nangong Shuxian. Now that she passed away, the Han family simply lost their leader and successor, since Han Yu was getting jailed.
  • Although the Han family had Shiyan, can that outsider handle the Han family legacy?
  • There were a lot of rumors in the upper-class society of Yan Jing, that the Han family legacy would fall. It was highly probable that one of the most prominent family that lasted for the past century would go downhill.
  • After Han Yu went back in Qing Cheng, that solved the Han family’s crisis. And it was only obvious that his life would get worse from then onwards.
  • The both of his legs were permanently disabled and he only have one working hand. How could Guan Yong give him a good time?
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