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Chapter 154 Grandkid

  • When Su Huiqi saw the wounds on Su Yimo’s face, she couldn’t help but broke into a giggle and ridiculed the woman, “Su Yimo, did you put your face into the washing machine or something?”
  • When Su Yimo heard Su Ruijin’s snicker, she answered coldly, “What does that have to do with you?”
  • After Su Huiqi took the dowry, she became wealthy all of a sudden and got quite the ego boost. Not only that, she no longer cared about the work in the company and simply waited for the Han family to marry her. The woman had already started to get used to living like a wealthy woman. And Su Yimo’s disinterested reply made her irritated.
  • “Yes, it is not related to me. But aren’t you the project manager of the West side project? I simply hope that you won’t ruin our company’s reputation. Just take a look at yourself, what are you even wearing?” Su Huiqi said in disdain.
  • Now even a dress of Su Huiqi would cost few tens of thousands. She would only use branded goods and scoff at any outfit less than five figures. Therefore, Su Yimo simply looked like a beggar in her eyes.
  • When Han Jingru looked at Su Huiqi’s new look, he was trying his best to hold back his laughter. Family gathering day was just the corner. At that time, she would need to pay up every single cent back and the man just wonder what she would feel.
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