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Chapter 150 Kill

  • “Han Jingru, where the heck are you?! Hurry and come back!” Once the call connected, Jiang Yan fumed at him. Everything happened because of Han Jingru. If it wasn’t for him, why would Su Yimo get beaten up so badly?
  • And now Jiang Yan began to understand it as well. Shiyan appeared today not to find fault with her. Therefore, she wasn’t that afraid. As long as she got Han Jingru back to face them, the Su family could be separated from this incident.
  • However, if Han Jingru wanted to drag them down, Jiang Yan had her own plans. She would make Su Yimo divorce Han Jingru right on the spot. With that being done, her family wouldn’t be involved.
  • After finding Han Yu, Han Jingru had gotten back his own cell phone. But now that Jiang Yan suddenly called him back and spoke with such malice, Han Jingru was puzzled.
  • “Mum, what happened?” Han Jingru asked.
  • “Stop calling me mum, I am not your mother! Now your enemies even came to look for you at home, how long do you plan to hide? Come back right now!” Jiang Yan yelled.
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