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Chapter 1458 Spiritual Formation

  • Han Jingru could only shake his head and deny as a response to Fei Lingsheng's question.
  • A look of disbelief appeared on her face as she couldn't find the words to describe just how strong he was. Being a true deity meant that he was able to get to the outer world. Besides, Han Jingru had said it himself that he could open up a portal whenever he wanted. Yet, he still denied that he was a match for the Qilin even when he was so horrifyingly strong.
  • “How is that possible? Is the Qilin really that powerful?” She refused to accept it, thinking that Han Jingru was just being modest. She even felt that he wanted to hide his actual capabilities.
  • “Do you know where the Qilin came from?” he asked.
  • Fei Lingsheng knew nothing about it.
  • But she immediately guessed it when she heard Han Jingru's question.
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