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Chapter 1449 Enormous Stone

  • The scene before him became more and more terrifying. Number 12's heart raced rapidly. He was scared stiff that the fuming viscosity magma would swallow him alive.
  • Thankfully he was under the protection of Han Jingru and had not felt the scorching heat. Otherwise, he would be quaking in his boots.
  • Even though Han Jingru appeared calm, he was quite anxious deep down as it was his first time to enter a volcano. In addition, the unknown source of energy kept growing on him and he was uncertain what would happen next.
  • “Jingru, the volcano looks like it's going to erupt anytime,” Number 12 muttered.
  • Han Jingru shook his head. Had it not been for the existence of this energy which is suppressing the volcano, it would have erupted long ago. What we're feeling right now is a consequence of that.
  • “That would have happened if the force wasn't holding it back. It has accumulated too much energy.” Han Jingru's face darkened.
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