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Chapter 1447 Overlord

  • Over the next few days, Han Jingru enjoyed the luxurious treatment provided by Heiyang Organization on Headquarters Island. The Golden Assassins would either avoid him or bowed in respect.
  • The Golden Assassins were a group of arrogant people. Since they acquired the power that commoners could never have, they felt superior to the others. However, they never dared to show their arrogance in front of Han Jingru. In fact, they were very humble because they were insignificant compared to him.
  • After a week, John could finally walk normally. One could not even tell that he had been disabled for nearly a decade.
  • Never in his wildest dream did he imagine he could stand up and walk again. Hence, he was exceptionally grateful towards Han Jingru.
  • He decided then that the entire Heiyang Organization would serve Han Jingru from that day onwards. With the help of a strong leader like him, they would have a better future. Moreover, they needed him to decipher the secret of the crater.
  • One day, John brought all the Golden Assassins to visit Han Jingru at his villa.
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