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Chapter 1446 Of Course It Is True

  • “You don't have to get involved in this. My men will flush out everyone who has the video. Don't worry about it, sir,” John said as he clasped Han Jingru's arm. He was clearly agitated because the veins in his neck were bulging.
  • The latter chuckled when he heard the word 'sir'. He even knows how to use an honorific suffix!
  • The power of Heiyang Organization was nothing to Han Jingru, but it was a nightmare to ordinary people. He left the matter to John since the man promised to settle this troublesome affair. After all, using their influence would only make his life easier.
  • “You wouldn't let anyone slip through the cracks, right?”
  • “Absolutely not!” John declared wholeheartedly, with a pat to his chest. “I won't let anyone get away.”
  • How could he lie to the almighty Han Jingru?
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