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Chapter 1445 A Godly Feat

  • John's words were useless to Han Jingru as he had already seen for himself everything he needed after peeking into John's mind.
  • Han Jingru stared in the direction of the volcano crater. If he wanted to know more, he needed to enter the volcano himself.
  • However, Han Jingru still had qualms about the unknown power the volcano was charged with. Even though the force of Satan on the Golden Assassins was quite weak to Han Jingru, he was unsure how strong the source of the power would be.
  • John read Han Jingru's intention and hurriedly advised him, “If you plan to enter that place, could you please bring me along too? Please!”
  • John had a very strong urge to learn about the volcano's secrets, which was expected since each of Heiyang's past supervisors devoted their whole lives towards finding out the truth. But no matter how impenetrable and resilient they were to enter the volcano, they bore the same fate.
  • “What benefit would I get to bring you along?” Han Jingru asked nonchalantly.
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