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Chapter 1430 Ask Them If They Can Move

  • Han Jingru waggled his brows with a smile and said, “Why don't you ask them if they can move?”
  • Ask them if they can move?
  • Han Jingru's suggestion confused Number 12. But they're not tied up in any manner, so how's it possible that they can't move?
  • But I have to admit, they really look like they're frozen to the spot and can't move. What's going on?
  • “Number 12, I'm sure you know the consequences you'll face by going against Heiyang Organization. As long as you kill him, you will be pardoned for your past mistakes. Once I return to the organization, I will intercede for you,” said the leader of the assassins. He was well aware of their current predicament; they were currently like fish on a chopping board waiting to be gutted. Their only hope to survive was convincing Number 12 to kill Han Jingru. Hence, he chose to use Heiyang Organization to threaten Number 12.
  • From the day Number 12 decided to leave Heiyang Organization, he had already thought about all the ways he could possibly die. Hence, this sort of threat was useless against him and did not intimidate him at all.
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