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Chapter 143 Cocky

  • Su Yimo struggled in terror and screamed loudly. Soon after, the rest of the family members heard that.
  • Ho Ting was the first to rush into the room. When she saw that Han Yu was trying to force himself on Su Yimo, she was so anxious that she screamed.
  • After that, Jiang Yan and Su Wenlun came as well.
  • The three of them dragged Han Yu away and protected Su Yimo.
  • “Han Jingru, what the hell are you doing!?” Su Wenlun glared at him furiously. For the past three years, Su Yimo had never allowed such a relationship with Han Jingru. The father had never thought that Han Jingru would stoop so low and do something like that!
  • “You beast! How dare you rape my daughter? Do you believe that I will call the police!” Jiang Yan roared.
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