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Chapter 1426 Is This Magic

  • “Su Wenlun, stay right there!” Su Wenyi shouted at Su Wenlun upon exiting the villa.
  • Su Wenlun was no longer intimidated by his younger brother. Back then, when he was oppressed and harshly reproached at the company, he never once dared to speak up for himself. However, things were different now. Su Wenyi had been driven out of the company and lost the right to throw his weight around. Hence, Su Wenlun had the final say now.
  • Seeing that Su Wenlun was ignoring him, rage swelled in Su Wenyi, and he immediately jogged up to block his path.
  • “Step out of my way,” Su Wenlun said placidly.
  • Su Wenyi clenched his jaw in vexation. This guy used to be afraid to breathe too loudly in front of me, but now he has the nerve to disregard me completely.
  • “Su Wenlun, you're just a piece of trash that got lucky. How dare you put on airs in front of me?” Su Wenlun gritted out through his teeth.
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