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Chapter 1425 A Friendly Warning

  • No matter how many times Su Wenyi denied it, Su Wenlun was already convinced that he was the culprit. This was because he had complete trust in Han Jingru. Moreover, Han Jingru would never joke around whenever it came to Su Yimo.
  • As for Su Wenyi, Su Wenlun felt that it was within reason that he would choose this method to take revenge on him. After all, Su Wenyi was driven out of the Su family and the company because of him.
  • “Su Wenyi, denying it is useless. I'm warning you. I'll only allow this to happen once. And here's a piece of advice—don't ever think about using Su Yimo against me again, or you'd be dead before you even realize it,” Su Wenlun uttered coldly. At the end of the day, Su Wenyi was still his biological brother, so he chose to give him another chance.
  • However, Su Wenyi was even more angered upon hearing his warning. “Are you threatening me? Su Wenlun, don't think that your life has taken a turn for the better because as long as I'm here, I'll drag you down one way or another. Trash like you isn't capable of managing the company.”
  • Saying such things in the presence of Old Master Su wasn't a wise choice. However, Su Wenyi's anger had overpowered his rationality, and he wanted so badly to put an end to Su Wenlun.
  • Old Master Su snorted coldly. Back then, Su Wenyi was indeed more capable than Su Wenlun. In fact, Old Master Su had planned to hand over the company to him.
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