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Chapter 1397 Master

  • Xiao Guan was fretting after the plump middle-aged man left, as he knew better than anyone else how unpredictable Ke Qi was. If the old man did not show up, the situation would not bode well for him.
  • Of course, if Ke Qi came, then Xiao Guan would have no fear of Han Jingru.
  • Even if he was strong enough to defeat his men, Xiao Guan was sure that the kid would not be able to beat Ke Qi.
  • “I'm curious as to what my son has done to offend the both of you.” Xiao Guan had to ask because he was genuinely out of the loop.
  • Han Jingru glanced at Mo Lan briefly. This matter had less to do with him than it had with Mo Lan, as Liu Fang would be Mo Lan's woman in the future. Mo Lan was merely doing her a favor by ridding her of that gnat Xiao Fu.
  • “Your son has been harassing my girl,” Mo Lan said.
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