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Chapter 1394 Barging Into The Xiao Residence

  • Mo Lan agreed to Han Jingru's demand without hesitation because the former believed in the latter. Since Han Jingru regarded him as his comrade, Mo Lan naturally had no reservations.
  • Unfortunately, Mo Lan still had no clue what Han Jingru wanted him to do. Otherwise, he would regret it.
  • After Han Jingru was reborn, there had been one thing on his mind. He wondered if the people around him could undergo cultivation as well and whether they could go to Xenos with him henceforth. After all, the life of a human being on earth would only last several decades, but if they could cultivate and get to Xenos, their lives could be extended. So, Han Jingru began to contemplate this possibility.
  • But it would not be easy for ordinary people to cultivate. For them, the process was bound to be laborious.
  • “You promise me that. Don't forget it,” Han Jingru said.
  • Mo Lan patted his chest as a sign of assurance. “Don't worry, I'm a man of my words. I don't go back on what I say. As long as you don't tell me to engage in heinous crimes, I'll never bat an eye.”
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