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Chapter 1384 Back From The Future

  • Mo Lan had started to consider retiring from the underground world long ago. He knew well that his current path would only lead him to total darkness as many like him met their tragic end miserably. In order to have a peaceful retirement, he really hoped that he could withdraw himself from that world of darkness.
  • Mo Lan had too many foes at the moment; a sudden retreat without proper planning would put him at risk. Once he stepped down from his current position, all his foes would surely avenge him by all means. Basically, he would not be able to go against them at all and would be easily defeated.
  • Thus, Mo Lan could only proceed with his plan of retirement after setting up a backup plan. He planned to hand over all his possessions to someone trustworthy who could ensure that he was well-protected all the time after retirement.
  • However, there was no such person around Mo Lan at the moment. Hence, his plan for retirement could not be turned into reality yet.
  • Mo Lan had never revealed his plans to anyone before. Therefore, he was astonished upon hearing Han Jingru's words.
  • “W-what're you talking about?” Mo Lan stuttered and intentionally looked baffled.
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