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Chapter 137 Evil Face

  • Han Jingru walked towards the shade of the tree and nodded his head towards Yan Wan. However, he didn’t greet Nangong Shuxian.
  • Unfilial? Disrespectful?
  • That wasn’t the case for Han Jingru. He had been ousted by the Han family and Nangong Shuxian had never treated him like a grandson. Why should he call Nangong Shuxian grandma?”
  • “Now that I am back, what do you want me to do?” Han Jingru asked indifferently.
  • Nangong Shuxian gritted his teeth and said, “Why would the Han family give birth to someone as vile as you? If it isn’t for Han Yu getting in jail, you will never have the chance to come back here!”
  • Han Jingru wouldn’t be troubled by Nangong Shuxian’s deride. Because he had gotten used to it since he was a little boy.
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