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Chapter 1366 The Hero Of The Su Family

  • “Su Wenyi, what exactly is your intention? Why are you sharing such crucial information with me?” demanded Yang Guangyuan suspiciously.
  • Developing the district meant that Dynasty would need a partner that operated in the construction business. The Su family having that inside information meant that they would get a unique competitive edge over that business because they could prepare beforehand. Yet, Su Wenyi had shared that information with his rival, and that got Yang Guangyuan suspicious.
  • Su Wenyi is not a righteous or kind man. Why would he let go of this golden opportunity to build the Su family up? Sharing this information with his rival will only make things worse for himself.
  • “To tell you the truth, Su Wenlun is the one responsible for getting the collaboration with Dynasty,” said Su Wenyi. His eyes glowed evilly upon saying those words. And I swore that I will not let Su Wenlun's plan progress smoothly!
  • I'd rather let the Su family lose this rare business opportunity than let Su Wenlun succeed in this. I can only stay at the top of my corporation if Su Wenlun fails, and that is the only way to stop Su Wenlun from overtaking me!
  • “Su Wenlun is nothing but a useless piece of trash. Why would a task that important be assigned to him?” asked Yang Guangyuan suspiciously. The skilled descendant of the Su family is obviously Su Wenyi, so by right, shouldn't he be the one responsible for this business deal?
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