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Chapter 1353 Appoint Xiao Long As The CEO

  • When Han Jingru finally arrived in Yun City, Dynasty had become the talk of the city. He was not surprised at all; from the moment he decided to re-establish the company, it was only a matter of time before this happened.
  • He rushed to school as soon as he got off the plane. Although it was not a long stay on the Nangong Island, the whole trip took up almost ten days, including the time spent on the road. He really missed Su Yimo a lot when he hadn’t seen her for so many days.
  • “Boss, you’re waiting for sister-in-law again, huh?” Xiao Long asked smilingly. Now, he finally knew that Su Yimo was the person his boss liked, not Qi Bingying. Although he still couldn’t understand why Han Jingru would have eyes for the average-looking Su Yimo, it was not his place to question it.
  • Han Jingru nodded in response. He didn’t object to the way Xiao Long addressed Su Yimo since it was just a matter of time before they became a couple. Although he knew this was unlikely to happen in the near future, he never stopped hoping for it.
  • Of course, he never intended to wait until Su Yimo turned eighteen to confess his feelings for her. Yet, now it was not the right timing either as he was still unsure if he could beat Qilin. Or else, he would’ve long gone to the Restricted Area of Apocalypse.
  • Xiao Long was curious as he voiced his concern, “Boss, I heard there’s a lot of people looking for you. I wonder how they will react if they know you’re here in front of a school.” Although Dynasty was yet to be officially established, the company had stolen the Tian family’s spotlight in becoming the most trending topic in Yun City.
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