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Chapter 1338 Do As One Pleases

  • Nangong Boling smiled confidently upon hearing what Han Jingru said. Then, he explained, “You will certainly change your mind once you have truly understood this place.”
  • Han Jingru didn’t know what was up Nangong Boling’s sleeve but he knew clearly that this place would not look as simple as what meets the eye. After all, Nangong Boling was a very cautious person. The simpler something looked, surely the more complicated it was beneath.
  • The Restricted Area has a very narrow passageway which was guarded by several hundreds of guards. Thus, it would be very difficult for ordinary people to pass even the first security level.
  • After walking inside the passageway, Han Jingru noticed an elevator in front of them. However, the passageway didn’t have multiple stories. Therefore, that elevator must be going down to the ground beneath the island.
  • “So, I can still take the opportunity to have a look at the scenery under the sea?” Han Jingru joked while smiling. Although ordinary folks might think that it was something unimaginable, it seemed acceptable for someone like Nangong Boling whose wealth could afford him to accomplish anything that he wished to do.
  • Nangong Boling entered the elevator first. Then, he said to Han Jingru, “You will understand a moment later.”
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