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Chapter 1328 Can You Like Me

  • Madam Su understood Su Ruijin well and knew that he would not visit her for no reason. In addition to his earlier flattery, it was obvious that he had a favor to ask of her.
  • However, as she enjoyed being treated like this, she did not mind even if she knew that Su Ruijin had an ulterior motive.
  • “Grandma, I visited you because I missed you so much!” Su Ruijin walked towards her servilely and took the watering can from her hands.
  • Madam Su clapped her hands and said seriously, “Since you’re only here to visit me, you’ll lose your chance to raise your request.”
  • “Haha...” Su Ruijin chuckled embarrassedly, knowing that he could not pretend anymore. If he continued denying it, it would be hard to bring up his request later.
  • “Grandma, I actually have a small favor to ask from you,” admitted Su Ruijin.
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