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Chapter 1327 The Selfish Madam Su

  • Su Yimo turned around and looked at him with a complex gaze. He said that he can help me out regardless of who bullies me. Who would dare to make such an audacious claim in Yun City?
  • The Tian family is the most prominent family in the corporate world, while Mo Lan is the most powerful in the underworld. Who can be more powerful than these two?
  • “What’s wrong?” asked Han Jingru, feeling puzzled.
  • “Are you that good at boasting?” asked Su Yimo.
  • Han Jingru was stunned for a while before smiling bitterly. “I’m not boasting. Everything that I said is true.”
  • Shaking her head, Su Yimo insisted, “Although I’m still young, I heard from my Grandma many times that the most powerful figures in Yun City are the Tian family and Mo Lan. Aren’t you boasting when you said that you can help me out regardless of who bullies me?”
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