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Chapter 1326 Who Is Supposed To Kneel

  • A minute ago, Su Yimo was still worried about Han Jingru. Yet, she now felt an unprecedented sense of security from him. Even her gaze when she looked at him changed.
  • Su Yimo did not know why Han Jingru suddenly appeared by her side, but she had a feeling that they were brought together by fate.
  • Naturally, she did not really understand what fate was at that age. All she knew was that she could be friends with this boy. With him around, she would not be harmed or bullied.
  • By then, Han Jingru had already reached Su Ruijin.
  • Su Ruijin was so scared that his legs went weak. If he had not been forcing himself to stand his ground, he would already have collapsed onto the floor.
  • Even so, his legs were still trembling violently, while his face turned ashen.
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